Eyelash Service

Full set of Eyelash Extensions
(2 hr) $175
 Eyelash Extensions is an exciting new service for
creating longer, thicker, fuller more beautiful looking lashes! Our Lashes are superior quality and it makes all the difference in the
wearer's appearance. Lashes are applied directly onto your
own natural eyelashes.
Please do not wear eye makeup to appointment.

Russian volume

(2 hr) $200

Over the top lashes volume lashes! Cutting edge techniques!
Russian volume fills $70

Regular classic Lash Fill

(1 hr) $65

  Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. Regular fills are with 40% or more of extension remaining.

Mega Lash Fill

(1 hr 30 min) $85

For touch ups with 25%  of extensions remaining.

Lash Extension removal

(30 min) $35 

Quick and easy removal of your lash extensions.

Brow tinting plus twee-zing
(15 min) $18

Enhances your natural beauty. Brow tinting lasts for 6 weeks.
No need for those brow pencils.

(2hr) $425​
Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment using specialized tools to implant pigments into the skin. Fine feathering strokes enhance the look of your brows and frame your face! Microblading creates natural hair-like strokes regardless of the amount of hair present. Microblading session will take 2 hours to complete. Retouches are 4 to 6 weeks after initial visit. 

Waxing & Sugaring

•Brow Tint…..$10
•Lip…..$10 - $15
•Chin…..$15 - $20
•Underarm…..$20 - $25
•Full Arm…..$30 - $35
•Half Arm…..$25 - $30
•Full Leg…..$50 - $55
•Half Leg…..$35 - $40
•Brazilian…..$65 - $70
•Bikini…..$35 - $40

(253) 514-0422
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